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Tree Care Costs

Our clients are concerned about the cost of tree care. As with many things it depends on several factors. For instance, trees that are closer to a structure such as home or pool can be more expensive to remove or trim. Trees that are in open areas tend to be less expensive to remove. The best way to save money is to ensure that all your trees are trimmed on the same day. This is due to the fact it is more economical for tree companies to get their crews out to a job that justifies the costs. You should have your trees serviced all at once to save money. You can save like many things when you bundle.

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Oak Trees in Sugar Land

Sugar Land has some of the most beautiful oak trees in the Houston area. These trees were planned by the City of Sugar Land and the developers. These trees have matured and now are a signature part of the Sugar Land landscape. The challenging part that these trees is maintaining these to have a rounded shape. If these oak trees are left unmanicured they will become unsightly and even out grown their space.   

Sugar Land Tree Regulations

Like many cities, Sugar Land has regulations on tree removal. Although these rules change they can be referenced at the city’s site at: Sugar Land Gov Site. Basically, the city requires the removal of trees beyond OOO dimension be approved. There are exceptions to the rule, for instance new construction of a pool or if the tree has caused problem to an existing constructed home.

Tree Care in Sugar Land Area

The best approach to tree care is to have a plan for your trees. Monitor the growth of your trees and ensure that they are away from structures that could cause damage. This would include roofs, siding, light poles, and power lines. Ensure you hire a professional tree care company so that your structure is not permanently damaged. Make surer that you trim before it is too close to the structure. Also, for best results ensure that your tree is trimmed or thinned every 4 to 5 years. This will allow for tree thinning to be done and allow for proper shaping of the tree.

BAC Trees Sugar Land

At BAC Trees, we look to provide the best possible tree service in the Sugar Land area. We offer free estimates across the Sugar Land to residential and commercial clients. We provide a full array of tree service options such as removal and stump grinding. Our team provides Sugar Land tree care each day and look forward to providing you expedient service.

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