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Tree Stump

Stump grinding can be essiential to ensuring that your landscape remains beautiful and safe. Tree stump grinding can be cost effective if done with BAC Trees. We provide a special program for stump grinding. Contact us today to learn more and how we can provide a fast and affordable tree service. 

Tree Stump Grinding Costs

Stump grinding can usually be priced based upon a trip fee as well as an amount per inch of diameter. BAC Trees looks to provide clients with an affordable tree care service. We can help you remove those unwanted tree stumps at an affordable price. We can discuss with you the options that you have to take advantage of our stump grinding program. 

Stump grinders typically can be rented for approximately $250 to $300 a day while many times we can remove your tree stump for a fraction of the price. 

For an accurate estimate you can reach our tree service team at 832-492-1589

Stump Remover

Different stump grinders can be used for different projects. Due to the fact that most clients that have stumps in the backyard a stump grinder must be able to fit in the 36 inch gate of residential homes. Commercial jobs typically have multiple stumps that need to be cleared and require a much more industrial size for efficiency. Despite the need we can accomodate your project. 

Many of our clients search for stump grinding near me in hopes to find the best tree service company. BAC Trees offers reliable tree service at an affordable price. We have many tree specialist that can provide a quick and easy quote. Many times we can quote directly over the phone for your tree stump. 

Stump Grinding Houston

We provide an affordable option for stump grinding. Many times we can quote directly over the phone. You can contact our tree specialist for a fast and accurate quote.  

For an accurate estimate you can reach our tree service team at  contact@bactrees