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Pine Trees Problems

Pine Trees can be a challenging for the following reasons:

  • Pollen covers all things yellow
  • Lots of Pine Needles
  • Heat wave stress

Learn how to manage these problems.

Pine Trees

Are Pine Trees worth the pain. If you live in the Houston area you are familiar with the challenges that pine trees bring. Most people that have pine trees will tell you that each year they put out pollen across everything in sight. They may also mention to you that pine trees will drop pine needles across your yard or even mention the pesky pine cones that they drop. However, these problems may still make it worthwhile for you to endure these challenges. Pine trees make up most of the canopy structure in the Woodlands. They also have benefits as they grow tall and long adding a clean appearance to a yard.

Also, The Woodlands Township requires approval for the removal of these trees past 6 inches in diameter. For most of our clients, they look to limit these trees as too many of them can become a challenge and even become a danger over time. Although most are not harmful each year we get call from customers asking if we can remove them off the roof after a strong storm. Hurricanes and pine trees can be a danger as these trees become mature and sick over time. If your pine tree has become sick or looks old, then you may want us to evaluate it.

At BAC Trees we offer free estimates on tree removals. Also, for many clients their trees may only need a trim so that the tree does not become burden by excessive branches. If you feel that your tree is a candidate for tree removal or tree thinning, then give us a call. We are a short drive for most clients within the Houston area. Our team is made up of professionals that look forward to serving you. Our estimate is only a phone call away. We serve the greater Houston area: The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Katy, West Houston, and surrounding areas.


Pine Tree Stress Solutions

Get the root system water by applying water away from the trunk of the tree. Get adequate moisture away from the tree by using coffee can to make sure you are getting a 1.5 for the roots. Water periodically.

Pine Tree Pollen Not as bad as Oak Trees

Pine trees produce lots of pollen each year but it is actually behind the oak tree in producing pollen. Houston does have one of the highest pollen counts in the country due to pine trees.




If you feel that your pine tree is causing problems you may call us for a tree removal estimate.  If you are not aware of the rules that The Woodlands township has for tree removal you may view their information here