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Are You a Tree Hugger? The Top 10 Benefits of Trees in Your Yard

Imagine the perfect backyard. What do you see? Our bet is you see at least a couple lush green trees providing shade to sit, play, or garden under.

You shouldn’t have too many trees or trees in poor condition. Assuming they’re well-cared for and trimmed, here are the top ten benefits of trees in your yard.

1. They Clean the Air

While we humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, trees do the opposite. They take in carbon dioxide and put oxygen back into the environment. By having a tree or two in your yard you’ve got yourself a natural air filter!

Trees absorb bad smells, and gases like nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia. They also filter harmful particles out of the air via their bark and foliage.

2. They Provide Fruit

A lemon, apple, pear or anything other fruit tree means you get all the benefits of trees, plus food! By creating a haven for insects like bees and butterflies, trees also help your flowers to look gorgeous.

If you’ve got young children, taking good care of a fruit tree or two is a great way to teach them that healthy food comes from nature. The fruit and vegetables you grow in your yard often taste richer and sweeter than those on the supermarket shelves.

You might make an annual event out of turning the fruit from your tree into a delicious homemade jam.

3. Slow Climate Change

As we mentioned, trees are Mother Nature’s carbon filter. That means they are a good way to reduce the speed of climate change by cleaning harmful gases out of the air. Cities with more trees notice their cooling effect.

4. Provide a Home for Birds

If you like waking up the sound of birds chirping, you’ll want trees in your yard. Big, sturdy trees make great places for bird nests. Before you know it you’ll have a family of birds visiting you around the same time each year to make their nest!

You might also find possums and squirrels making use of your trees. You can increase the chances of it by hanging birdhouses or possum houses and putting out some buts and seeds for them to eat.

5. Increase Property Value

Property values can increase in properties that have trees by up to 20%. For all the reasons we list here and more, people want to buy a house with a well-established, well-maintained tree in the yard.

By investing in the proper care of the trees in your yard, you stand to get a good return on your effort when you sell.

6. Shade Glorious Shade

Trees provide shelter and shade. Not only to you and your family but also to other plants and animals. Having a big shady tree means you can grow a garden with plants that just won’t survive out in the full sun.

It gives you a spot to throw picnic rug down in warmer months and enjoy the outdoors.

If you have children, shade is an especially important factor. You’ll protect them from the sun’s rays, while still making sure they get fresh air. This is a big deal nowadays, as many children get less time outdoors than prisoners!

7. Save Water

While there are trees that seem to soak all the water away from your lawn, mostly they should provide the shade that means our lawn won’t need quite so much water. When you are choosing a tree for your yard, talk to a landscaper about what varieties are best in your area for yards with lawn.

8. Prevent Soil Erosion

When strong winds blow through your town or suburb, trees have an important role. They stop so much soil picking up and blowing about, preventing soil erosion as well.

If you have a hill or slope in your yard, placing a tree with extensive roots there will help to slow water runoff and keep the soil where you want it.

9. Biophilia Therapy

Have you heard of Biophilia? It’s a trend in interior architecture, where designers try to use natural fibers and shades as they’ve found it decreases stress levels.

Being in nature helps us to unwind, breathe more deeply, and feel at peace. No doubt you’ve noticed it walking in a forest, staring at the ocean, or even watching the seasons change the color and structure of trees in your yard.

Having lush green foliage visible out your window, or within easy access of your back door, can contribute to feelings of wellness and calm.

And you thought it was just a tree – it was biophilia therapy all along!

10. Celebrate the Seasons

There’s nothing like a seeing leaves turn yellow, orange and red in fall, and hearing leaves crunch under your boots as your stroll through the yard. It’s a reminder its time to get yourself a nice coat and some gloves, now that winter is coming. Before you know it, it’s spring, and the trees out in the yard are filled with fragrant blossoms, as bees and butterflies buzz about.

Another couple of months and you’ll be sitting in the welcome shade of your tree, sipping ice tea to cool off in the summer heat. Trees give us a glorious visual marker of the movement of time and allow us to enjoy nature in each of the seasons.

Ensuring You Get Benefits of Trees

Like anything worth having in life, you’ll need to make the effort for best results with trees. If you’ve got trees in your yard, have them trimmed and checked semi-regularly so they can be lush, healthy additions to your yards.

If you don’t, they can be sources of plant disease, electrical fires, or falling branches.

Make Mine a Tree House!

There you have it – 10 reasons why you’ll benefit from trees in your yard. From aesthetics and house value to your wellbeing, trees are a wonderful addition to your yard.

If you’re lucky enough to live in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Pearland, League City, Pearland, and the Greater Houston area, there’s only one option for truly professional tree care. Whether its tree trimming, stump grinding, or any other tree job, make sure you get a quote from BAC Trees first!

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